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Meet the Fletcher Family

Welcome to Fletcher Farms Amarillo!

We started our farm by purchasing 43 acres just outside the city limits of Amarillo, Texas in February of 2022. Fletcher Farms Amarillo is a Woman Owned Small Business in the Texas Panhandle. When we started out we had no idea what our farm was going to be and it had grown into what we always dreamed it would be.


Our new farm commenced by adopting a donkey named Jack. Knowing that Jack needed a pasture pal, we found a Jenny donkey with her one week old baby at a livestock yard in Bowie, Texas. Ellie and Mable would be the second and third additions to the farm.

While visiting the new mom and baby donkey at the livestock yard, we found out they just received Six Belgian Draft horses from a farm in Kentucky. They were scheduled to be shipped to slaughter after being neglected. We decided they needed to stay together as a family and we rescued all six of them! In March 2022, we rescued another Belgian Draft Horse, Freya, from a kill pen in Tennessee.  


And August 2022 we rescued Anna. Out of all the horses she was by far in the worst condition. She was dumped at a kill pen in Kemp, Texas after being starved and neglected. There was something about Freya and Anna that spoke to us and we knew without our help their fate would be much different. ​

With a love for all creatures big and small our farm also has chickens, goats, dogs and cats. 

Fletcher Farms Amarillo offers a variety of services since opening, see below for everything we offer!

Check back often to keep up to date with all the NEW adventures at Fletcher Farms Amarillo.

Everything We Offer

Meesha Bars

Made with milk straight from our goat, Meesha.

Head over to our online store to see everything available. Soaps are available in a variety of scents and we are always adding something new! 

Farm Fresh Non-GMO Eggs from our
Buff Orpington, Lavender Orpington, Copper Maran and Easter Egger Chickens. 

At Fletcher Farms Amarillo we are lovers of ALL animals big and small. We believe in raising our animals with the love and care they deserve. That also includes what we feed them!

Although we are not certified as an organic farm, we follow the USDA's guidelines in raising our animals.  

Per USDA guidelines, our animals have

~ mandatory outdoor access for all species when weather is suitable

~ 100% organic feed and approved feed supplements 

~ no antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMOs

Cory and I are particular in what we put on and in our bodies. We have followed that belief and concepts with everything we raise on our farm which including the products we sell! 

Egg pick up by appointment only 
Email us at

Trenching and other excavation services...

Excavator 2.jpg
Have a project coming up near the Amarillo area?
Reach out to us for a quote or just to discuss your project to see how we can assist you.

Details on this service will be added to the site soon!

Going to be in the Amarillo area?
Come visit our farm and meet our rescued Belgian Draft Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Chickens, Cats and Dogs!

By Appointment Only
Email us at

(Fletcher Farms Amarillo is private property and an appointment must be made to visit the farm)

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